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      Service Idea

      Customer centric and provide satisfied, humanized service

      Service is a culture; it not only represents a kind of system and procedure, but also it has been integrated into our corporate culture and accepted and pursued by all employees in Dinghan.

      The services are derived from users’ needs. Dinghan, as always, provides users with high-quality and efficient services, and increases service self-restoration mechanism and improves the service quality through providing paid services, meanwhile, seeks methods for improvement of service content and service mode to make both the two parties get the optimum benefit.

      Dinghan provides users with standardized, professional, diversified and productized services. Standardization stands for service specification, professionalization stands for service quality, diversification stands for service content and productization stands for different service quality and service value, all of which are measured by user satisfaction.

      Service Features

      Professional: Professional technical team, and equipment

      Formal: Standard service process

      Fast: 14 technical and spare part centers all over the country, 7*24 hours quickly response

      DH Official WeChat

      北京鼎漢技術集團股份有限公司 | 京ICP備17047215號




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